Urban Angels rescuing the youth in our community

Urban Angels The Digital Inc. – Urban Angels LLC is a non-profit organization established in the state of South Carolina. Urban Angels was co-founded by Cory T. Steed, William Dottry, and Bonita Steed in 2011 when they saw the need to empower communities through connection them with the “outside” world. They believe if someone is exposed to more than just their immediate surroundings, it would prompt that person to ultimately want more out of life.​

We want to make a community of individuals that are well rounded, cultured, and intelligent with finances. We feel this will be a great way to produce a regenerated community of entrepreneurs, mentors, and  role models.​We want to make the youth aware that there’s a whole world out there and many experiences that they can be apart of. A lot of the youth have never been outside of the inner cities, and are not involved in positive things to occupy their time due to most parents not having the resources nor the time to engage the kids in them. Our mission is to take the youth and inform them on how to let opportunities “work” for them by introducing them to filling out college applications, SAT preparation, and finances.


– HamTrackzProductions

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