Tia Michelle is an enticingly elective new blend of neo-soul and r&b. The 25 year old Miami, Florida native brings a voluptuous yet simplistically beautiful voice and sound into the world of soul. Funky and diverse, she focuses on love, life, laughter and learning from the joys and pains we all face in day to day life while expressing her lessons through her heart-felt and common sense style of singing. 
Tia Michelle has been nominated for the GEORGIA MUSIC AWARDS 2012, and has performed at numerous events such as the SWEET AUBURN FESTIVAL, PROJECT TAKE BACK (FORT VALLEY UNIVERSITY, GA), PAN AFRICAN FESTIVAL (Macon, GA), 16th Annual Pleasent Hill Block Party (Macon, GA).  She is also included in DUNIA MAGAZINE in NEW YORK, and we’re having her included in 10 MAGAZINE in JAPAN. Her new single “QUESTIONS” which describes someone’s personal growth, and it is a very requested song through out the southern region. “Questions” and “Thank You” currently receives regular rotation on numerous radio stations, as well as an interview with Ms. Emily Kaufman and rotation on Love860AM (Atlanta, GA). She performed that song for representatives at B.E.T and they really enjoyed it. 

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