In an era in HIP HOP  when ego trippin is the norm, Tavaras “JaLon Blacc” McCarthy chooses to step outside of the box. JaLon prefers to have what he calls “conversations” with his listeners. “When I write, record, or perform, I want my audience to feel as if I’m talking to them, individually. That’s why I try to say some everyday type…”
Despite his “non-contact” style of HIP HOP, JALON BLACC continues to gain the respect of fans and artists alike. Performing in venues from Jacksonville, NC to Kelene, Tx, JaLon’s laid back approach to his music seems to be a welcome change of pace in a HIP HOP world where “ballin hard” is the status quo. “You know…you have songs that go hard in the club, but do you really want to hear 90% of “radio ready” music at 5:45am on the way to work…or when you’re just chilling at the crib trying to  kick back and relax?”
“My dream is to create music that will outlast the phases of HIP HOP, something that will stand the test of time…even if that means no radio play….” …and with songs like “P.S.A” and “THA SHO NUFF”, this statement is proven to be true. His candid take on relationships, alcohol and drugs is, in all actuality, how a large portion of the general public feels. “I want my music to, if nothing else, show every aspect of my life. Sometimes I have fun, sometimes I get down. Sometimes I get bent, sometimes I think with a sober mind. Sometimes I get lonely, Sometimes I say f’ relationships…just like everybody else. I want people to know that I understand what you go through, because I go through it too!”

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